Grand Theft Auto V, also known as Grand Theft Auto Online, is a game based on the popular video game series of the same name.

It is now the second main entry into the long-running Grand Theft Auto series after the previous installment of Grand Theft Auto IV, which was released in 2021. This newest entry into the Grand Theft Auto franchise has many things that make it different from the rest of the games in the franchise – including its main story line, locations, and gameplay.

The story of Grand Theft Auto V begins in the small town of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Several years have passed since the last grand theft auto v episode, and now the townspeople have become divided into two groups. One group is led byito “Tiny” Diaz, and the other by Miguel “Papa” – both want control of the town. The game starts in the morning as Tiny and Miguel are preparing to leave for their trip, but are stopped at the police station. There, they are informed about a drug called “Liquid Smoke”, which is being used by the police force to catch criminals.


With help from a mysterious stranger, they eventually discover the origin of the liquid, which turns out to be a combination of cocaine and a new nerve gas called smoke. While investigating, they discover that the gas can be bought from a man namedito who owns a small business in the city of Los Santos. At that point, they learn that the business has several security guards working there, and one of them – named Herman “Deuce” – is addicted to smoking marijuana. Once they convince him to get help for his addiction, they learn that he has already started using the drug again. Because of his habit, Deuce cannot perform well enough to protect the town from any possible threat, so they need to enlist the help of an Xbox One player in order to plan a major robbery.

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