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The second edition of “Organic Chemistry: A College Teaching Companion,” by Joseph Klein, gives students a more thorough and advanced approach to the subject’s various topics. In this second edition, the author takes on more challenges than in his first book, especially in the areas of thermo-mechanical and reaction mechanisms. This is a very helpful addition for the student who wants to know more about organic chemistry. This text is also useful for professionals who want to enhance their understanding and appreciation of this complex but simple subject. For those already involved in chemistry, the addition of new and fresh content will make this text stand apart from the other texts that are available.

This second edition of Klein’s text is practically identical to the first, with only a few additions. One new feature is the author’s introduction to the concepts of chemical bonding and cross-functionalization. In his introductory chapters, he covers the chemistry of simple compounds and general structures. He also gives an overview of the bonding concepts used in chemistry, such as hydrogen bonding, azole bonding, oxygen bonding, and nitrogen bonding. He discusses the role of chemical bonding in all organic compounds, and the applications of these concepts in various fields.

The book’s 12 chapters cover the major topics in organic chemistry, covering the various terms used (which is always helpful to be familiar with when encountering a new term), the chemistry of single compounds, and important concepts used in compound theory. Chapter two, which deals with thermodynamics, includes a detailed discussion of the surroundings of organic compounds at room temperature. Klein mentions some famous experiments involving different compounds and their effects, like the champagne ring, which he uses as the central illustration of the concepts used in his book. He also reviews the role of energy in chemical bonding. Finally, in the final chapter, he surveys the various topics related to organic compounds and their various uses.

Like many of his previous texts, the Online Klein Chemistry Companion provides a nice online-interview format where you can interact with the author, other students, and other scientists who have used this text. The online text also includes a glossary and a table of contents. The text is also accompanied by several photos, illustrations, and graphs. Klein also includes a side bar that lists all the tables in the supplement.

Like most of his previous books, the Online Klein Chemistry Companion is an easy read with detailed illustrations and graphs. A reviewer wrote, “The text flows easily from page to page and is beautifully written. It contains many visual examples, with nearly all examples drawn from real-life scientific studies.” Other reviewers were similarly pleased with the text.

The Online Klein 2nd Edition PDF is a worthy update of this classic text. The changes are minor and it doesn’t take away what makes the book so valuable, but I think that some of the suggestions made in the book could be improved. I especially liked how after reading the book, my brain actually started to think in terms of organic chemistry rather than chemistry for a living. If you’re a college student or graduate student who wants to be able to conduct independent research papers, this book will help you get your ideas down on paper. And if you’re an aspiring organic chemistry professor, this book is definitely one you should consider reading.

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