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The Complete Persepolis PDF Book (aka – Persepoli PDF) by Nigerian artist Chinua Achebe is one of the most innovative and beautiful comic works in modern history. The Complete Persepolis PDF Book (aka – Persepolis Series) was published in 2003 and became instantly popular, not only in the comic book world, but in the worldwide art community. The Complete Persepolis PDF Book comprises a collection of fifty-six original pencil sketches, a full length poem “Agua Bendita” and sixteen color postcards. The collection is an incredible work of art and contains a plethora of themes, all interwoven together to form a magnificent masterpiece.

The title “Agua Bendita” means “Coral Reef.” It’s an African story about a young girl who, following the death of her mother, is forced to marry a Muslim with mysterious powers. Although the girl loves the man, she remains conflicted over her Muslim responsibilities to her family. When a comet shines down from the skies, killing all who live on the ship, she must embark on a long journey to learn why the meteor strike and what she can do to stop it…while also learning about the “Islamic Revolution” that will rock her world when her father is brutally murdered.

The Complete Persepolis PDF Book includes a foreword by Frank Rich, the internationally known author and political analyst. The foreword is written in a very positive manner, calling the readers’ attention to the importance of Iran as a nation and a people. According to Mr. Rich, the Complete Persepolis PDF Book offers a “comprehensive look at the ancient and modern history of the Middle East,” while at the same time providing readers with “a snapshot of the current situation.” In addition to this introduction, this pdf has a number of shorter works that deal with different aspects of the Persian Gulf region and Iran in particular.

The second part of the Persepolis pdf, entitled “The Art of War,” provides readers with detailed information about the infamous “Green Ones” episode from the past. It details how the US military used propaganda against the Iranian population as a way to discredit the government of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Islamic Revolution’s founder. The book also details how the US military planned to attack the oil fields located around the berm of the Persian Gulf and at the mouth of the Dead Sea. These plans were later watered down in the final negotiations for the Camp David Accords, yet another example of how the powerful forces of the west can shape events in the Mideast.

In addition to this highly informative material found within the Persepolis PDF, it also contains an excellent amount of pictures. Many of these are extremely informative, and help viewers better understand the region’s history and politics. For example, many of the pictures show images of the US military bases that are currently located in Afghanistan. However, the chapters on Iran and the Middle East in particular are filled with historical footage and visuals. This portion of the pdf is certainly worth the price. The Persepolis Marathon Route, which traces the ancient Persian road to Asia, provides a particularly impressive look back into history.

At the end of the day, anyone interested in reading about the ancient world and all its ramifications should consider downloading the Persepolis PDF to their computer. This pdf, like the ones found within History’s Bestsellers: Persepolis and the Persian Papers, are some of the best resources one could use to learn all they can about the ancient civilization. In addition to this, they are incredibly enjoyable to read as well, thanks in large part to the exhaustive timeline provided throughout each of the PDF chapters. If you are interested in learning more about the ancient art of Persian carpet weaving, as well as how the routes of the Persians crossed the lands of Asia and Europe, then you should definitely check out this amazing pdf.

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