The Boy In The Striped Pajamas PDF

Dora the Explorer Printable Scrapbooking Activity

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas pdf is a fun and educational book for the little boy. It features the life of a boy who wears striped pajamas everyday, goes to school and practices ballet, and also enjoys swimming and has a pet dog. Although this is just an example of the life of the boy, the theme is similar to the lives of most children. With the boy in the striped pajamas pdf download you can learn many facts about the boy and his daily routine and soon you will be able to create your own cartoon strip about the boy in the striped pajamas. With the use of the pdas, you are also able to make your own picture frame or any kind of craft project.

This is a fun activity that the boy and his friends can enjoy while being entertained at home. Most kids love the idea of making their own cartoon strip using the Boy in the Striped Pajamas pdf and they will have a great time while doing so. To make the reading more entertaining, you can include some pop ups of the strips and funny pictures. Some websites allow the users to read the strip online through the click of the mouse.

You can read the strip as many times as you want and anytime is also available if you want to read the strip online later on. There are also a few animated versions of the Boy in the Striped Pajamas pdf available in the internet which is quite interesting. Most of the sites have an option to read the cartoon in either full color or as a simple black and white version, whichever the kids prefer.

While coloring the boy’s face, you can make him look like the character from the movie Dora the Explorer in the cartoon style. You can change his voice too to give him a more cartoon like voice. Using the same pattern and color scheme, you can also make him make the sounds that are commonly associated with Dora the Explorer. You can draw eyes, create background, and use other items from the cartoon to make the activity more entertaining for the kids. The choices are almost unlimited when it comes to creating the activity book for the little boy. They can use the activity page to store all the pictures that they have taken of Dora and the rest of the household.

To add to the fun, the readers can make the storybook themselves using the freely available software that is available on the net. This will save you some money and give them a fun and creative way to make their book. You can write the beginning and the end and the reader can fill in the blanks according to your requirements. The readers can also add a couple of comic strips on the back side of the page. This will make the whole activity more exciting.

For the parents, it will be nice to know that they can print the activity page and use it as a cover for photo cards and holiday greeting cards. They can even decorate the page to look like a scene from the local town. The kids will love it when their favorite Dora shows up in the scrapbook. After all, this is the perfect way to keep the memory of this year’s most talked about favorite child alive. So, if you are planning to get your kids something for the holidays, give them the Dora the Explorer PDF.

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