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My free eBook, the Wheelock Latin PDF download, is a complete work in itself. The book has an introduction on the history of Latin and the concepts behind it. It includes vocabulary lists and grammatical descriptions. After that it covers the alphabet, number systems, grammar, punctuation, tense, and other important concepts found in the modern language of Latin America. It then goes on to describe the Latin culture, its festivals, government system, literature and the effects of the Roman occupation on Latin American countries.

The Latin download workbook is intended for students and non-linguists who wish to learn Latin with the convenience of an interactive approach. Many PDF files are available for free on the internet, including those created by the Wheelock Latin software. But the downloadable book comes with additional resources and is designed to make the learning process fun.

In addition to the traditional exercises found in Wheelock’s Latin DVD courses, the Latin PDF download workbook comes with a vocabulary supplement. This supplement focuses on building vocabulary from scratch, and doesn’t rely on vocabulary learned in previous courses. It is the perfect accompaniment to Wheelock Latin DVD courses because it enables students to practice using the words they’ve learned from the text while they are working through the exercises in the course itself. Students can also pause during the exercises and review what they’ve just read.

The vocabulary supplement also features exercises related to conjugation, verb forms, grammar, and tenses. The exercises cover a wide range of topics so even those with little or no prior knowledge of Latin can find something to challenge them. As a download, the Latin PDF download works in multiple ways. Students can access the exercises from the main menu or download the file as an eBook. Students can then print the PDF and use it as a reference book for conjugating verbs and other vocabulary lists.

Downloading a Wheelock Latin PDF download is free and easy. All that is needed is a computer with a WiFi connection and the proper software installed on it. The software needs to be purchased separately, and most of the Wheelock programs are available at a download site such as CDbaby. However, some of the optional packages, such as the vocab builder and vocabulary lists, are only available through subscription.

The choice of a program is based on whether the student already knows how to read and write in the Latin language. If you’re completely new to Latin, there are beginner’s programs such as Beginner Latin that are available for download. If you’re a native speaker of the language, such as an instructor, there are more advanced courses available. These teach the material in more detail and create a better workbook experience. In the end, it all depends on how serious a student is and how quickly they’re able to grasp material. A high-quality product can help any student complete their workbook.

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